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Senior Instructors


Jim Kwasek

Jim is the Owner and Chief Pilot at Chicago Executive Flight School. An active member of the flying community at Chicago Executive Airport, Jim was president of PAPA at Chicago Executive for four years. PAPA is the largest pilot organization at Chicago Executive Airport (formerly Palwaukee Municipal Airport). Jim started flying at Palwaukee in 1988, then went on to Southern Illinois University for his degrees in Aviation Management and Aviation Flight. When not flying, Jim enjoys teaching Tae Kwon Do.
Flight Qualifications include: CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, Flight Engineer Turbojet


Dave Klopfleisch

Dave started flying in 1966 at Roselle Airport, now called Schaumburg Airport in Schaumburg, IL. He served in the Navy 1968-1974 with his last duty station at Miramar, CA. In the Navy, Dave flew the TA-4, single engine attack jet. Afterwards, Dave worked for various corporate flight departments and served as the Safety Officer at the NAS Glenview Flying Club from 1993-1996.
Flight Qualifications include: CFI and MEI, ATP, Part 121 Flight Dispatcher, current Safety Officer at Chicago Executive Flight School






Matt Davis

Matt got the flying bug at the age of twelve with the help of a family friend. Ever since then, he has been dedicated in his goal of becoming a well-traveled individual and set his sights on aviation. He has a passion for flying, flight instructing and helping others achieve their dreams. Flight qualifications include CFI and CFII.



Jordan Costabile

Jordan is a third-generation aviator in his family. Growing up around the airlines, his favorite part of a vacation was always the flight. He took his introductory flight at the age of 16 and never stopped looking skyward. He served in the U.S. Navy from 2012 to 2018 with tours of duty at NSA Mid-South and the Navy and Marine Corps Mortuary Affairs in Guam. After deciding to pursue his love for aviation professionally, he was accepted to the Forces to Flyers program and trained in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Flight qualifications include CFI, high performance aircraft, and complex aircraft endorsements.



Madeleine Monaco

Madeleine started flying in 1977 right here at Palwaukee (now known as Chicago Executive Airport). Her flight qualifications include CFII, MEI, and Seaplane. With more than 3600 hours, ownership over the years of a 172, M20J and 150, she has spent most of her time flying locally. "I decided to become a CFI on the day I soloed" she says. Instrumental in the founding of the Chicago Executive Pilots Association, and a long time active member of the Ninety-Nines, International Organization of Women Pilots, she describes herself as an airport activist, as well as an Instructor Pilot. Her preference is introducing new students to aviation, and on occasion refers to herself as the flare whisperer :-)



James Cheeseman

James learned to fly at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois. Ever since James was young, he knew exactly what he wanted to do and that was to fly. He is passionate about teaching what he loves to future flyers. His flight qualifications include CFI and CFII.



Mitchell Kaufman

Mitchell started his flying career at age 15. His geometry teacher at Niles North High School was also a ground instructor, she was looking for students to enroll in her Private Pilot Ground School Course. Mitchell enrolled and completed the class. Mitchell then started his flying lessons at Palwaukee Airport in 1974. Before graduating high school Mitchell obtained his Private Pilot License. Then he completed his commercial license, instrument rating and Airline Transport Pilot Certificates. He served in the military, in the Naval Reserves. Mitchell also works for a part 135 and part 91 jet management and charter company.
Flight Qualifications include: CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP multiengine land and sea, ATP single engine land and sea. Type rated as PIC in the Cessna Citation 500 series and type rated SIC in the Learjet.



Cameron Morrow

Farm raised in north central Indiana, Cameron started flying lessons when he was 15 and got his private license when he was 17 at Kokomo Municipal Airport. After high school, he attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN and pursued a 4 year degree in Professional Flight Technology. While at Purdue, he attained his instrument and multi-engine ratings and a commercial pilot certificate. Due to the curriculum, he was given the opportunity and attained over 17 hours of corporate pilot life experience in an Embraer Phenom 100. He also worked 3 and a half years as a line technician at Purdue Aviation LLC, Lafayette's FBO. After college he attained his CFI and started job searching. His future destination is a Part 121 air carrier. Flight qualifications include: CFI, multi-engine rating, complex aircraft, high performance aircraft, high altitude endorsed.



Jordan Vessels

Jordan began his aviation journey in early 2017 when he avidly started training for a private pilot’s license, but in truth his passion for all things flying extends deep into his childhood. Having instructed since 2018, he finds no greater joy than being fully immersed in the life of a pilot and continuing the never ending quest to achieve knowledge therein. Jordan Vessels is an FAA awarded Gold Seal Flight Instructor who has been helping students achieve their flight dreams for close to three years. As a Certified Flight Instructor for Instrument aviation, he has guided many students from having never piloted a small aircraft to being certificated to fly confidently under Instrument Flight Rules. Jordan has a wide ranging background in aviation spanning to an Airline Transport Pilot rating and certification for turbojet aircraft. Flight Qualifications Include: CFI, CFII, AGI, ATP



Christopher Corcoran

Christopher is a CFI.